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Clear Room Mist

**please note, because there have been container shortages due to covid-19, our Room Mists may have a different spray nozzle than pictured here. They are still the same amazing, good-energy filled products though. 

Sage / Mint / Pine

Clear | Energy Clearing Botanical Room Mist

Clear your space of stagnant energy with an aromatic blend of steam distilled botanicals.

Ritual Fill your space with an aromatic blend of grounding herbs and dense forest resins. Mist onto linens, work areas and anywhere that needs uplifting energy.

Scent Notesherbaceous, refreshing mint & lush evergreen forests

Ingredientsdistilled H20, grain alcohol, therapeutic grade, essential oils of dalmation sage (Salvia officinalis), peppermint (Mentha piperita)and 100% wildcrafted, steam distilled essential oils of, redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), douglas fir (Pseudotsuga douglasii), pine (Pinus)

*Wildcrafted ingredients are harvested from needles and branches that have fallen naturally and never deliberately cut down.

8 oz glass bottle with sprayer