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Rose Water Toner

Facial Mist

2 oz light-blocking black glass bottle

Rose / Witch Hazel / Vitamin E

Steam distilled herbal waters from organic Bulgarian roses make up this indulgent facial mist. Conditioning Aspen Bark and water-attracting glycerin leave skin soft and hydrated. Witch hazel gently controls oil production to create balance and harmony. Created with a balanced blend of soothing and lightly exfoliating ingredients, this facial mist is suited for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 

Use as the first step in your skin care routine to enhance penetration of serums and Face Oils.

Combination, dry, or irritated skin? Skip your morning cleanser! instead saturate a cotton round with Rose Water Toner and gently swipe across your face, neck and chest to whisk away impurities without stripping the skin of essential lipids. 


ROSE HYDROSOL  a classic aromatic steam distillation with anti-inflammatory benefits. Rose Hydrosol soothes dry skin and relieves redness and heat within skin. 

WITCH HAZEL - Witch Hazel is extracted from the twigs and bark of the witch hazel plant. It gently controls oil production while helping retain skin's moisture balance. Witch hazel helps to reduce inflammation and supports the skin barrier by blocking out antigens and foreign bacteria penetration. 

ASPEN BARK - natural salicin content conditions, gently exfoliates and soothes leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch. Aspen Bark is a safe alternative to salicylic acid for very sensitive skin and during pregnancy. 

HONEYSUCKLE - bioactive components work to give this flower its anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits.


 rose hydrosol* (Rosa Damascena), witch hazel* (Hamamelis virginiana), vegetable glycerin*, leuconostoc/radish root ferement filtrate, honeysuckle flower extract (lonicera Japonica), honeysuckle flower extract (lonicera caprifolium), aspen bark extract (populus tremuloides), gluconolactone, non-gmo vitamin e oil (mixed tocopherols)

*denotes organic


After cleansing but before applying face oils, mist face, neck and chest. To further cleanse, spray onto cotton pad and gently wipe face, neck and chest. Can be used midday to "freshen up"

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