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In The Night

Eco-Friendly Soy Candle + Natural Fibers

12oz matte black glass

Green Leaves / Pine / Crushed Cranberries / Citrus

Stars displayed on velvet skies, whispering trees, the darkness humming with unseen creatures, passing through cranberry bogs, the moon hangs low on the horizon, I'll find you in the night. 

Third party tested. Free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins and hazardous chemicals often found in fragranced candles.


The scent of In The Night feels like magic and otherworldly places. Lighting this candle in the night or anytime of day instantly transports you to another world. The scent of pine, crushed cranberries, damp earth, and cinnamon to me feels like the epitome of New England nights. New England has its fair share of mystical stories and folklore that inspired this candle. The wonderful thing about scent is, it feels different to everyone. When we smell something, our olfactory bulb directly connects to the memory hub in our brain triggering intense memories and even emotions. What will this candle feel like to you?