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Meet Katie Mulcahy and Viana Newton, owners of Potion from Rhode Island.

Potion started in the winter of 2016 at our kitchen table.

While living together we sat up many nights talking about family traditions, spirituality and society - but also, about our personal health concerns, including asthma and dermatitis. This led to us investigating what we were putting in and on our bodies. We quickly came to realize that a lot of the products we were using were full of fillers, synthetic ingredients, and carcinogens, even in some “all natural” products. 

With a background in skincare and love for plants we used this knowledge to formulate beauty products with minimal, well thought out botanically-based ingredients. We aspired to make products that would ease our minds about what we were putting on our bodies. We really wanted to do it right, not cut any corners just for the sake of saving money or staying trendy. We studied folk herbalism, assisted and learned from top skin care therapists, endlessly researched ingredients, and took courses in holistic skin care and cosmetic formulation.

The process began by handing out products to close friends and roommates. When positive reviews came back, we decided we wanted to share these products with the public. Our line is totally transparent about our recipes and utilizes old world methods, bringing back simple and effective ingredients. 

After some time of perfecting and testing out recipes, Potion launched in 2017.  

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