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The founders of Potion, Katie Mulcahy and Viana Newton, were brought together by a mutual love of nature, self-care, and folklore. Nights spent poring over spiritual textbooks, traditions, and herbal remedies resulted in an idea that grew to a wistful passion, and ultimately led the pair to create Potion in 2017.

 While reflecting on health issues within their circle of friends and family, Katie and Viana were compelled to investigate the cause and effect of products used both on and in the body. Their findings were as suspected: most skincare and makeup products, as well as supplements and processed foods, contained a myriad of fillers, synthetics and carcinogens. The worst part was that the companies producing these items misleadingly marketed them as ‘all natural,’ and ‘organic.’

With Katie’s license in esthetics and Viana’s inventiveness, as well as their individual herbalist backgrounds, Potion's first products were conceived. By consulting with high-end skincare experts and U.S.-based herb farms while receiving certifications in holistic skincare and cosmetics formulation, Katie and Viana made their dreams tangible.

Since its inception, Potion’s product line has grown, yet its philosophy remains the same: the best care for one’s skin and self comes from the earth. Potion products contain thoughtful ingredients with no fillers, and all are botanically-based and free of synthetics.

Potion has- and always will be- transparent about ingredients, mindful about product cultivation, and respectful of nature and history. It is not a trendy wellness brand; Potion is a movement. With the rituals of the Old World in mind, as well as constant research and cruelty free product testing, Potion crafts thoughtful, effective and high-quality products, with hopes to heal the world by bringing us back to our roots.


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