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Infused Perfume

Best for: Grounding and protection from negativity

Onyx is a grounding and protective stone, warding off internal and external negativity. Rolling on our Onyx Infused Perfume  gifts the wearer with all the metaphysical benefits of the stone without physically carrying it. Reach for this perfume when you need an extra lift, or some positivity and encouragement.

Every crystal used in Potion Infused Perfumes is paired with aromatherapy scents to create a harmonious ritual experience.  



AROMATHERAPY -Grounding, protective, and positive.

SCENT NOTES- herbal, subtle florals and deep forest; like stepping into your favorite shop in Salem, MA.


Onyx-infused distilled H2O, organic grain alcohol, non-GMO therapeutic grade proprietary essential oil blend


Roll perfume on pulse points to experience benefits all day. Use as often as you wish to take a few seconds to yourself and feel grounded.

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