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"Levitate" Body Oil

Plantain / Yarrow / Blue Tansy

"Levitate" Body Oil  is a handcrafted herbal oil blend for hydrating and nourishing skin. The beautiful plant based oils in Levitate quickly soak into skin for non-greasy hydration. Our formula includes our own organic plantain and yarrow infused oils. Infused for a full moon cycle during which time the beneficial properties of the herbs are extracted. 

Scent Notes -  Spiced earth, freshly blooming florals, and autumnal fruit.  Our proprietary Levitate blend of luxury essential oils sends you into a tranquil yet focused mood. Beautiful steam distilled flowers create the alluring deep green color that is Levitate. 

Ritual - Pump oil into palm and apply to clean, dry skin. Organic Yarrow + Plantain have healing and anti-inflammatory properties. These herbs can soothe irritations like razor burn as well as ease muscle aches and pains. Take a moment to yourself to breathe in our soothing essential oil blend and set intentions for upcoming endeavors.

Ingredients -organic plantain infused virgin olive oil, organic yarrow infused virgin olive oil, organic rosehip seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, non-gmo vitamin e oil (mixed tocopherols), proprietary non-gmo therapeutic grade essential oil blend.

The mystical color of Levitate is all nature’s doing. No synthetic fragrances or colorants added.

cruelty free | vegan 

artwork by Rhode Island Artist, Jonny Ruzzo 

4oz pump bottle